Bespoke Handrails & Staircases - Curved timber Handrails

  Welcome to Bespoke Handrails & Staircases by Anthony Clemens, one of the most highly regarded specialists in this field with over 40 years’ experience.  

We design, manufacture and install all types of timber handrails and staircases, including high quality hardwood stairs, geometrical stairs, wreathed and curved handrails and complete balustrades. Our highly skilled craftsmen and technical staff are trained in combination of advanced design techniques and traditional joinery, we are proud to provide the highest quality and service to all our clients. 

We value customer satisfaction and ensure that every client receives a professional service from design through to completion, individually tailored to his or her needs.

  • Highest quality bespoke timber staircases
  • Elliptical staircases, curved staircases and curved handrails
  • Continous Handrails for loose spindles and core rail
  • Advanced stair design services utilising 3D CAD
  • Refurbishing / restructuring staircases / handrails / balustrade
  • Traditional, contemporary and modern designs
  • Complete staircase, handrail and balustrade solutions
  • Advanced in house invented geometrical handrail techniques, for accurate crafted handrails, and hand carvings
  • Laminated, keyed and staved stair strings
  • Timber, wrought iron, cast iron balustrade, design and Installation
  • Technical support to other handrail, stair and joinery firms