About us


At Bespoke Handrails & Staircases we are passionate about our work and pride ourselves on providing the highest quality and service.

We are able to provide an detailed design service which utilises proven stair production techniques with advanced stair engineering solutions, we manage only a handful projects at any one time to ensure that we are able to give our clients the level of attention they deserve.


Our workshop is in Wickford, which is equipped with both traditional tools and modern machinery, we manufacture and install specialist staircases across london and the south east. We also design and supply curved staricases to other joinery firms across the country with local installtion teams.

We have an in-house design team which makes use of engineering CAD software to design beautiful staircases that are not limited by the constraints of todays stair software which is more suited to straight flights and standard stair configurations.


Our production team is lead and managed by Anthony Clemens, who has over 40 years experience in the design and production of all types of staircase and balustrading.

Our team includes an in-house engineers, carvers, machinists, staircase makers and handrailers. We also have a team of external professionals, with whom we have a long-term working relationship, to support our projects.


We specialise in a wide range of traditional and modern techniques, including:

  • Laminated / Keyed / Staved stair strings
  • Hand carded and routed handrail utilising an advanced form of the tangent handrailing methods
  • Advanced propriatry 3D CAD geometry techniques
  • Staircase and handrail restructuring / restoration
  • Traditional French Polishing
  • Addvanced 3D CAD design

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